My Upcoming Central PA VMUG Presentation

Hey everyone! I wanted to spread the word about my upcoming presentation at the Central PA VMUG on Thursday, November 1st in State College! Last year, I spoke at the Pittsburgh VMUG on the topic of PowerCLI and my journey into scripting. This year, I plan on revisiting that presentation with several new updates and maybe even do live demo (assuming I can get my home lab completely set up and configured in time)! Plus, I’m looking forward to catching up with the Central PA VMUG crew as well as meeting many others in the #vCommunity!

For those who may not know, October 2017 was my first time ever presenting at a local VMUG meeting. In fact, I wasn’t really engaged in the VMware Community all that much until about April 2017, when I started my blog and began using Twitter a lot more. Sure, I’ve been using VMware’s products and services since about 2010, but the only real ‘engagement’ I’ve done in the community was attend the occasional VMUG or UserCon.

Since then, I’ve been challenging myself to continue putting out helpful and informative content, and presenting is just another method in which I get share my experiences with others. Oh, and as of this writing, I’ll be bringing a few of the Pittsburgh VMUG members with me on the trek over to State College! I’m very thankful for the opportunity to present, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday!

For registration and meeting details, be sure to check out the Central PA VMUG website. Hope to see you there!

Doug DeFrank giving his presentation on Using PowerCLI to Manage RDMs and Other Tasks. Photo by Ariel Sanchez Mora.

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