New i4i.metal Instance Type Available for VMware Cloud on AWS

Hello again, everyone! VMware and AWS have announced that the new i4i bare metal instance type is now available for VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS customers! This new instance type offers new capacity options and performance enhancements compared to the prior i3 and i3en bare metal instance types. Here’s a quick look at how the three instance types compare:

Intel Xeon E5-2686
36 cores @ 2.3 GHz
72 logical cores
Intel Xeon Cascade Lake
48 cores @ 2.5 GHz
96 logical cores
Intel Xeon Ice Lake
64 cores @ 3.5 GHz
128 logical cores
512 GiB RAM768 GiB RAM1,024 GiB RAM
vSAN with local NVMe All-Flash SSDvSAN with local NVMe All-Flash SSDvSAN with local AWS Nitro SSDs
15.2 TiB (8x SSD) Raw Storage Capacity60 TiB (8x SSD) Raw Storage Capacity30 TiB (8x Nitro SSD) Raw Storage Capacity
25 Gbps Network100 Gbps Network75 Gbps Network
AWS i3.metal SpecAWS i3en.metal SpecAWS i4i.metal Spec
AWS EC2 bare metal instance types and high-level specifications

AWS Regional Availability

  • At launch, the i4i.metal instance type is available in the following AWS regions:
  • Americas
    • US West (N. California)
    • US West (Oregon)
    • US East (N. Virginia)
    • US East (Ohio)
    • Canada (Central)
  • Europe
    • Europe (Ireland)
    • Europe (London)
    • Europe (Paris)
    • Europe (Frankfurt)
  • Asia
    • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
    • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
    • Asia Pacific (Singapore)
    • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  • Additional regional availability coming soon

While this just scratches the surface in terms of what’s available, you can learn more at the links below.

Additional Resources

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