Git Integration with VS Code: Part 3 – Installing Visual Studio Code

This blog post picks up where Part 2 – Installing PowerCLI and Git left off. Now that we have some momentum going with this Git Integration with VS Code blog series, let’s keep it going with Part 3 – Installing Visual Studio Code!

Installing Visual Studio Code

  • Visual Studio Code can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s web site at:
  • Once downloaded, double-click on the VSCodeSetup.exe to begin the installation process.
  • On the Welcome to the Visual Studio Code Setup Wizard window, click Next to begin.01-VS-Code-Welcome
  • On the License Agreement window, carefully read over the license terms, select I accept the agreement, then click Next.02-VS-Code-License-Agreement
  • On the Select Destination Location window, select the appropriate location where the VS Code software should be installed. Click Next to continue.03-VS-Code-Select-Destination-Location
  • On the Select Start Menu Folder window, simply accept the defaults (or customize as you’d like), then click Next.04-VS-Code-Select-Start-Menu-Folder
  • On the Select Additional Tasks window, I left the default options selected. Feel free to adjust as you like, and then click Next to proceed.05-VS-Code-Select-Additional-Tasks
  • On the Ready to Install window, confirm that the options and settings are correct, and click Install to kick off the installation process.06-VS-Code-Ready-to-Install

And there you have it! Now that Visual Studio Code has been installed, the next part in this Git Integration with VS Code blog series will focus on Part 4 – Configuring Visual Studio Code by installing the PowerShell module and configuring Git for use with a GitHub account.


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