Achievement Unlocked! VMware vExpert 2018

Hello again, everyone! Last Friday, I hit a rather significant milestone in my career as an IT professional, as I made the cut for the VMware vExpert advocacy program for 2018! As exciting as it was to receive this news, I actually didn’t find out until about two hours after the announcements were made. Why the long delay? Well, here’s what happened…


The Announcement

I actually got a phone call from to go check my email, as the vExpert announcement emails were starting to go out. I immediately checked my corporate email, but didn’t see anything. So, I began checking my personal email accounts, and I didn’t see anything there either. I figured maybe there was a delay of some sort and I’d check back in 15-30 minutes to be safe. Well, I checked again, but I still didn’t see any announcement email in any of my accounts. Now, I was beginning to think that I honestly didn’t make it!

The Moment it Clicked

Well, now that I thought I didn’t make the cut, I tried to go about the rest of my evening and not to dwell on it. Except, I was dwelling on it. “Was there something I could’ve done differently or better?” “Did I not have enough engagement in the #vCommunity?” “Did I goof something up in my application?” I honestly had no idea.

vExpert-directory-listing-iosThen, about an hour after that, I get a text. “Congrats, Man!” with a screenshot of my name in the vExpert directory listing.

I… Wait, what?! How could this be?! I still hadn’t received my vExpert Welcome email. I checked all of my email accounts again, including the junk and spam folders, but still didn’t see anything! What’s happening? And then I realized… The ONE place I hadn’t checked yet was the corporate spam filter! Of course! So, I logged on and checked the filter and there it was! THE ANNOUNCEMENT EMAIL!

It’s Official!

So, as if the vExpert directory listing wasn’t enough, I now had the official announcement email. I felt so foolish, and I can’t believe I hadn’t checked my corporate spam filter sooner than I did! Now that everything was official, I took to Twitter to participate in the #vExpert announcements. What a relief it was to see that email and to know that I made it into the program! This also crosses off one of my personal goals for 2018 (see my earlier post New Year, New Goals).


Lessons Learned

When I had initially applied for the vExpert program, I simply used my corporate email address, as it was the email I was using for the portal (and I thought they had to be the same). I honestly had no idea. I’ve since changed my vExpert profile to use a personal email address to prevent this sort of thing from occurring again in the future. Also, as other colleagues have pointed out, jobs can change at any time (planned or not). So, if you’re thinking about applying for vExpert in the future, be sure to use a personal email address.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who put the time and effort in to make the vExpert program what it is today. Reviewing all of those applications, configuring access, updating licenses, answering questions from us rookies, etc. (The list goes on). In addition, I would also like to thank those of you in the #vCommunity who have help coach and mentor me throughout this entire process! I simply couldn’t have done this without you! THANK YOU ALL!

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