My Upcoming VMUG Presentation

Hello everyone! I want to take this opportunity to let you all know that I’ll actually be presenting at the Western PA VMware User Group meeting on Friday, October 20th! We’re going to meet at Alloy 26 (100 South Commons in Pittsburgh’s North Shore) starting at 11:00 AM. Official registration and full meeting information can be found on the official VMUG page. If you’re a VMware user working or living in the Western Pennsylvania region or surrounding areas, c’mon out and use this opportunity to collaborate and network with other users I’m the VMware community! After all, events like this are put together specifically to get VMware users, administrators, engineers, etc. together to talk about their experience in using VMware products and services.

I will actually be presenting after Kyle Ruddy’s (@kruddy on Twitter) “PowerCLI and vSphere REST APIs: Your Path To Automating All the Things” session. My presentation will cover automation using PowerCLI to manage things like RDM disks, virtual standard switches, NTP settings, and more. You’ll learn how I develop the scripts to simplify repetitive tasks, but also how I use PowerCLI to perform tasks that you may not even be able to do in the GUI! Not only can scripting save time, it can also maintain consistency across within your environment! My goal is to show give you some examples and insight into how you can utilize both PowerShell and PowerCLI to augment the management of your vSphere environment.

Also scheduled to speak at the VMUG are Adam Osterholt (@osterholta on Twitter) and Bhavin Shah (@ABhavin on Twitter). Adam will be presenting “VMware Cloud on AWS: What You Need to Know,” and Bhavin’s session is about “AppDefense and Why it Changes the Security Game.” There’s definitely going to be a lot of great content here, folks!

This will actually be my first time ever presenting at a VMUG, and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity! I’ve given presentations about my experience with VMware in the past, but never at a local or regional user group meeting. Again, please be sure to register so the VMUG leaders can get a more formal head-count. The finalized itinerary should also be published over on the registration page as well.

Help us spread the word about this upcoming VMUG event! Please be sure to share either this blog post or the official registration link on Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, email, or whatever platform you typically use to engage with other VMware users in the #vCommunity. Hope to see you there!

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